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About This Website.

Note: this site is for informational purposes only, we are not a mortgage company, nor do we lend money, we buy and sell domains only!  Contact us if you would like your website added to our mortgage directory or if you would like to make an offer on this domain.


We are not and do not represent Indiana Mortgage Funding that may have been in business in the past.  We are not a lender or offer loans whatsoever..  We have no connection with the previous business or owners of this domain or Indiana Mortgage Funding.  We do not lend or borrow any money and are not a mortgage lender nor are we a broker.  This site is for informational purposes only..


Years ago, Indiana Mortgage Funding was at one time, one of the largest mortgage origination brokers in the entire state of Indiana.  Indiana Mortgage Funding has since ceased new lending and has closed their doors a few years ago and this domain is under new ownership and has no connection with the previous company and/or the owner thereof.


Since we are not and do not operate as Indiana Mortgage Funding, and have no connection with the previous company whatsoever, we cannot answer, fulfill, and/or solve any questions you have regarding a previous loan you may have acquired through them, nor do we act as a customer service agent on their behalf.   







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